Jun 21, 2009

The Go! Team

I've been having a life for the last couple days. One of my oldest friends (boys since elementary school!), got married this weekend. The last 48 hours have been a blur of tuxedos, rehearsals, and intoxication.

The wedding was lovely, the bride exquisite, and the groom elated he locked her down for eternity. I'm happy for them, they're perfect together. They're also the last couple in our tight knit little social circle to get me of course. Always a groomsmen and never a groom!

Over the past five years we've groomed for each other's weddings...we've been there for each other...and now they're looking at me wondering, "when?"

Well...god only knows when I'll get married. But, I have a more important question: "how?"

How am I going to set my wedding apart. I need to go big! It'll need pizazz! I'm the seventh chap to walk the aisle, and I best make it count. So far, here's what the guys have suggested:

Groomsmen will be in white tuxedos, with top hats and canes.

I agree. It's genius. I hope to add monocles to that list too. My boys are going to look snazzy. Now, the challenging part will be finding some woman who will tolerate all this tomfoolery.


Lena said...

Oh my god. Looking at this... I thought that's what you wore to the wedding... and that made me very scared. :)


Paul said...

No. No. We were classy. I'll see if I can't find some pictures online. He had the online album posted somewhere.

Ellie Great said...


Mi Thoughts said...

Thanks! It'll also be a location wedding in December. I don't want to sweat during the ceremony.

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