Jun 24, 2009

Patterson Hood

I recently hopped aboard a Southwest flight bound for LA. To pass the time I opened up the complimentary airline magazine, Spirit. It had an interesting article about relieving stress (don't envision your plane 30,000 feet in the air. Sound advice.).

The magazine also had an interesting message from the two languages.


And, Spanish:

Exact same message! Now, why do I mention it? Well, I found it curious. Now, I'm not going to take the, "Southwest serves only US cities, so why in the dern heck is Spanish encouraged," position. I will, however, say, "only one page?"

There isn't another page/sentence/word of Spanish in the entire magazine except for what I previously mentioned, "Hola From The CEO." Oh, mischevious Southwest! Giving the Spanish speaker hope he'll have something to read on the long flight? A great Latin American psyche out!

"Finally, a magazine I can enjoy," the Spanish reader will think. Southwest has gone bilingual!" And, then...


Nothing but english after engligh after english. Our Spanish rider has nothing to read as he sits there in his camiseta azul (I have officially exhausted my reserve of foreign words).

¡Ay, ay, ay!


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