Jun 1, 2009


I can't figure it out.

Yesterday, at two, I decided to have lunch. Normal.
I microwave a Healthy Choice meal. Normal.
I washed some silverware and began eating. Normal.
Midway through the meal I notice red liquid snaking down my fork. Odd.
I turn the fork over. I freak out.
The underside of the fork is covered with blood, as were my fingers.

It wasn't my blood, but I was alone, so whose could it be? My stomach was turning. I threw the food out.

I'm still confused. Disgusted and confused.


Anonymous said...

This is so, so strange. It's making me wonder too...

Paul said...

I thought, "maybe it's fruit punch," but it seemed to thick to be punch. Very bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Next time, use a dirrty fork. Problem solved.

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