Jun 18, 2009

The Sounds

I bet cars with advertisements are rarely hit. Have you ever seen a car advertising soda/drivers ed/bail bonds/etc dinged? I haven't. In fact, this evening, I caught myself driving very carefully by the car photographed above. I figured any accident would be doubly expensive; the repair and the re advertising coming out of my wallet. All the more reason to gingerly pass by.

Advertising is also an eye catcher. You're taking in the information, which means you're also taking into account the location of the car. If you're more aware of the car, you're less likely to run into it.

I say, get yourself some carvertising. It'll help keep you safe on the road.

(People reading your car ad, and clearly driving distracted, may slam into another car and die, but at least you won't die. )


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