Jun 28, 2009

The Libertines

Do you remember The Wonder Years? I loved that show, but I have never seen the final episode.

I know it's an out of left field admission, but I recently saw a biography on the series. I need that episode. That one, tie-the-series-up-with-a-neat-and-teary-bow episode.

I can't find it, though. It's my white whale. I keep searching Google, but bupkis! A "Wonder Years finale" search turns up nothing! Nothing, except a series photos of 'Winnie Cooper' posing for Maxim. I guess I'll pass the time staring at these pictures.


(and by *sigh,* I mean, "baby!!")


Rebecca said...

Look for title of last episode: Independence Day

Mi Thoughts said...

Thank you! I've already seen this snippet actually...but I watched it again. I'm trying to find the entire episode because while I've seen the "pops died 2 years later," tear jerking moment at the parade, I want to see the whole episode. I'm a completest. A good friend taught me it's the only way to live.

Thanks for the heads up Rebecca. Are you in town by the way? And by town...I mean foothills.

Rebecca said...

I agree! I heard that as well and thought, "WTF?!" What a way to end a season, right? Going down the line, sister does well, brother does well, mom much the same, and dad dies.

Clearly pops didn't want to be part of a future reunion special.

I was in town for a few days (then in Tahoe), but am back in the bay. However, I want to come to a show! Let me know when you have shows in the future. :):)

cd said...

I'm not the biggest fan. The ep when Kevin takes a shot in basketball at the buzzer and the show ends without revealing what happens . . . COP OUT! Sometimes, ambiguity is good, but that is the single biggest TV cop out ever. More than snow globes, more than finding someone who should've been dead taking a shower, it just shows what's wrong with the whole show.

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