Jun 10, 2009

Dirty Projectors

Aw. Poor Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, you've been booted. Booted for a puppet!

While watching TV yesterday I saw Weight Watchers pushing this new little guy Hungry as their spokesperson:

You fired Fergie for a puppet!? Hilarious. I wish I was a fly on the wall during that decision. "It's been fun Ferg, but we're going with Hungry. We think the audience can better connect with a large, naked, monster puppet with wild orange hair. Yah. People just like him better."


cd said...

i think she's still a spokesperson - here and in the UK.

wait, am i killing your funny post? i can't help it sometimes. sorry.

it's a muppet with V.O. by jeanine garofalo - which seems kind of wrong itself.

actually, what bothers me more is that the commercials seem to imply that hunger is bad - but the whole point of the program is that eating when you are hungry is fine. it's when you eat from boredom or other emotions that you have a problem. you could read it in a nuanced manner, but really, i just don't love the commercial.

Paul said...

She may very well still be the spokesperson, but I know she's been ditched in the ads for Hungry.

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