Jun 27, 2009

The Avalanches

I spent the morning watching some movie reviews on Currents new program The Rotten Tomatoes Show. The hosts, Brett and and Ellen are fine, but their reviewing, "assistants," the unwashed internet using masses, are well...unwashed and unpolished. Who is suggesting during production meetings, "the people want more webcam people!"?

I don't! I watch TV to pretend people are smart, and witty, and clean, and sexy. Webcam people crush my escapism. I don't like that. Boo!

Also, who decides what camer has something worth hearing? This guy certainly doesn't:

He offered up some "insight" into the recent Taking of Pelham 123. Of course, I could't hear a word he said, because that Taxi poster in the background was blaring.

How can I take your thought seriously when have a Taxi poster? You loved that movie? You loved that movie enough to wallpaper a portion of your room with the poster? Egad, man! Egad!

Rotten Tomatoes, I'm only speaking for myself here, but review movies, without us. No one wants to see us.

Don't know if I'm right? Well, I am, but you can judge for yourself. Catch the ToP123 review:


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