May 14, 2009


May I, for a second, be less jokey, and more heartfelt?


Tonight, completely by accident, I was talking with this woman who let slip she studied improv in Chicago. It was all I could do not to grab her arm and say, "isn't it the most magical place ever! Ever ever ever!"

I, however, maintained composure, and without a crack in my voice eeked out, "I studied there for a bit too. That's a great place for improv. They treat improv like an art."

And (ahhhhhhhh!)... she agreed. Do you know how f*^%$#@ god d*!# amazing it was to share with someone who feels improv is an art? It....was....bliss. After five minutes I was reinvigorated. It was like being back in Chicago, around people who love improv....and not because they love being on stage and need attention and accolades...but because they love being in the service to something as magical as improv.

Yes. I feel making stuff up on stage is magical. We raved about iO, and TJ and Dave, and how improv seeps into and improves every aspect of your life. I could have gone on for hours, but sadly we had only a few minutes. It stirred up so much in me. I felt sad, because I've let that love of improv as art slip away, and in it's place I see just a hack improviser playing for the joke on stage. God. I love improv. So much. I can't word it right, which is probably why I consider it an indescribable love.

The conversation happened hours ago, and I'm still flashing back to last summer.

Heaven. I miss Hannah, Lisa, Charlie, Brian, Adrienne, Alexandra, Damian, Michael, George, Sarah, Zach, Frank, Mike, Patrick, and Harrison.

Heartfelt post complete :). I just had to pour out everything that made me so happy.


Anonymous said...

While I am running the risk of breaking the rules, I just have to tell you how AWESOME I think this is. Seriously, I'm so glad you had this encounter to relight the fire you have for improv. You needed it. :)

Paul said...

No worries :). I needed it SO badly. It was a very welcome slap in the face that said, "hey...remember this? Go back to it."

Anonymous said...

Now, you should get to booking your flight. :)

Paul said...

I should...and will. Oh god it's so nice to be home. Bachelor parties are exhausting...but lovely too.

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