May 24, 2009


If you live anywhere around Sacramento, you know about John Sutter, and Sutter's Fort. The fort, named after John's grandfather Mr. Fort, was one of the first buildings in Sacramento. It also happened to be where John discovered gold. The discovery launched the Califoria Gold Rush, in which thousands of smelly miners descended on the golden state and fielded the first San Franscio 49ers team. Or, something like that.

Anyways, the history lesson isn't important but this is: school children tour and spend the night in the fort; 24 hours of ol' West immersion. The kids even "guard" the perimeter each night.

Here's an idea...let's dress as Indians, creep up to the fort at midnight and attempt an "invasion." Of course, we'd run off after a few minutes, but those kids on nightwatch would have a story for the rest of their lives. We'd be creating a pretty great memory for them.

I'm going to make one hell of a parent.


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