May 21, 2009

Sea Robins

I retract my statement, disc golf is a lot of fun. I liked it so much I moseyed down to the local DG (disc golf) shop and procured (bought) my own set of discs (discs). I know what you're thinking, "it's dinner time and I'm hungry." But, you're also probably thinking, "disc golf is for pot smokers and partial nudists." I agree, the hint of ganja greets you at every tee, and hairy men mistaken for Grizzlies wander about without shirts, but it's still a blast. You take a disc and try to throw it in the basket. Easy? I think not.

Disc golf also deserves respect because it has a league with an acronym.

The PDGA are an elite group, who make tough decisions like, "should we put the basket here?" and "should we put the basket there?" Could you and I make those decisions? Really? Could we? Probably, but we have jobs, and try to make money.

My arsenal of frisb...discs includes a distance driver:

a fairway driver:

a putter:

and a snazzy bag to carry it all:

That's right! Different spots on the field demand different discs. They all work together as one cohesive team, like the Von Trapp family. Do you think Gretl would have sounded as good without Berthe? Of course not. That's silly. Everyone knows the only dead weight in the group was Liesl. They needed each other, and they needed to get into Switzerland. The basket represents Switzerland, and I'm trying to get my family of singing discs there, before the Nazi's pounce. I'm not quite sure what represents the Nazi's in this metaphor. The wind? Sure, let's go with that. The wind is hunting my discs, trying to blow them into the showers.

Disc golf is pretty fun when you think of it as saving people.


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