Jan 7, 2009

Young Frankenstein

Avert your eyes if you have not seen Valkyrie! The approaching red
text is a Valkyrie spoiler, and will be the focus of this post. You Cruise/Singer fans who have not yet seen this mediocre film best keep on moving to another post; nothing for you to see here.

Singer ties up Valkyrie with a series of graphics, and one of them informs the audience Claus von Stauffenberg's wife, Nina, survives the war and only recently died, in 2006.

I started wondering about Nina, the Nazi widow. Did she ever marry again?
I doubt it. What guy would ever feel he could compare to Claus?

"So, are you single?"
"I'm actually widowed."
"I am so sorry. What happened?"
"My deceased husband attempted to assassinate Hitler. He was executed trying to overthrow the 20th centuries most vile dictator. He sacrificed himself for Germany."
"What do you do?"
" I sell used cars at reasonable prices."
"Oh. How quaint."
"Yah. I am going to go."

Poor Stauffenberg. Her first beau set the bar to high.


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