Jan 1, 2009


Last month, I had a number of people ask, "Paul, what is the significance of each post's title? It confounds me, and I would love some clarity. I value our friendship, and I want to understand your motivations." Actually, people asked, "what the fuck?" and I read between the lines. December titles were random, simply a collection of words I thought sounded intriguing. Hope you didn't dig for to much meaning.

This month, each title is the name of a movie I like. Think of it as a Mi Thoughts' Easter Egg, extended features in each post. More content, same great taste! For free!


Brandon said...

who the f reads the title?

Mi Thoughts said...

People do, sir. People do.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you Brandon, but do you have friends? You seem to be filled with a lot of anger.

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