Jan 14, 2009

Ta'm e Guilass ("A Taste of Cherry")

It's the little things in life that count, like hiding your shame. Today, I tore through all of these Hershey Kisses:

It was carnage! I was husking those Kisses like a man possessed...possessed with the hunger! Eventually, my coffee table looked like Hershey burial grounds:

I was ashamed. A pile of death before me, and for what? Calories I won't burn off!? Egad! Thankfully, humans can repress this stuff, but it doesn't work fast enough. Use the following steps, however, and you can speed up repression. Deal with it later in therapy!

First, ball up all, but two pieces of foil.

Next, flatten the two remaining pieces:

Finally, load the balls onto the smooth foil and fold this around all those little pieces. And, viola, all the shame is tucked away in what looks like two, albeit misshapen, Hershey Kisses.

Now, it's easier to convince yourself you didn't do anything terribly unhealthy.

Good deed for the day... done.


Anonymous said...

that's awesome...i'm gonna try that next time! how do you suppose I try it with non malleable wrappers like plastic instead of foil?

Mi Thoughts said...

Um....hmmm. I'll have to think about that for awhile.

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