Jan 14, 2009


I have a friend that recently finished the Bible on picking up women, The Game. It's a tome of insight. Most of this "insight" boils down being thoughtful and listening to women.

The book really shatters the paradigm. Women want to be heard and respected? Who knew!

Book: Never show too much interest in one girl.
Me: You mean I shouldn't drool on them? Check. This book is totally worth $35.99!
Book: You sarcastic son of a bitch!
Me: You're a book. You shouldn't be talking. But, a talking book is worth $35.99.
Book: I can't tell if you're being sarcastic.
Me: Come on! I'm being real. Do you know how many great talking books I meet?
Book: You're just saying that.
Me: Would these eyes lie? Look at me.
Book: You had me at "drool."

Personally, I find The Game with Michael Douglas much more interesting.


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