Jan 11, 2009


The blinds in my apartment are paper thin, and in the mornings light pours into my bedroom. The blinds try to block light but the light particles just laugh, flip off the blinds and go on their way. They're like a bunch of unruly teenagers, who feel indestructible and go wherever they way. I guess the teenagers are indestructible. I don't think light can be destroyed. Stupid everlasting light. Here's a morning reenactment:


ElaEuphoria said...

Why don't you rearrange your furniture so your the window is behind your bed instead of facing it?

phoblog said...

1.) Head East on I Street, over the I Street Bridge, into West Sac, and keep going straight, past street name changes, until you get to Ikea Ct. Turn left on Ikea Ct.
2.) Use the shortcut to the first floor Marketplace past the escalators as you enter the big blue and yellow box store marked Ikea.
3.) Follow the signs to Window Coverings.
4.) Check out their offerings - noting the selection in each color-section marked "Black out curtain" by a little tag attached at relatively hand/eye level.
5.) Pick a manly blue or green shade. Or, to give your place a theater like feel, pick the nice red, velvet-y curtains.
6.) Find the curtains in a package on the nearby shelves.
6a.) Don't forget the curtain rods, if you need them! Or use some heavy-duty tacks and some nice ribbon to tie back the curtains when you want light in the room.
7.) Take the package to the check out lanes - try self check out - it's speedy!
8.) Pay for your curtains.
9.) Take them home and put them up.
10.) Quit your bitchin'.

Mi Thoughts said...

Phoblog...thanks for the steps. I should do that....I really should. I'm not sure I will, however. That's a bit of work...and I'm kinda lazy. I mean, did you see the picture? I haven't even made time to snag a clothes hamper.

phoblog said...

Oh, I know you're lazy. But you weren't too lazy to buy a mask. I can't believe you bought a mask though. I'm going to steal it and bedazzle it.

Mi Thoughts said...

I'm a bit perplexed. Should I know who this is?

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