Jan 6, 2009

It Happened One Night

I finally saw Britney's Womanizer music video, and it's perfect. And, by "it" I mean, "Britney naked in a sauna."


Micaela said...

Took you long enough! Now go watch "Circus"!

Kelley said...

The thing is, that part of it is totally gratuitous.

Mi Thoughts said...

It takes naked Brit to make people forget crazy Brit.

Rebecca said...

She's still crazy! can she top that? Completely naked frontal Britney? I mean really, all side naked, what MORE can she do?? Pasties in the future will never measure up. First the sequin body suit, now side-naked Britney. There aren't any other options besides going fully nude. She has done it- she has topped herself. End scene (or career).

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