Dec 28, 2008


Some people may find a lot of pleasure in designing their own burger, but I find it to be a hassle. I went to The Counter this evening with friends, and while they were happily custom building their burgers, my table looked like this:

Was I writing a novel? A symphony? A new constitution? No. I just couldn't make up m' mind. There were so many options. Over a billion combinations, and I'm supposed to settle on what's the ideal? Four tries later (four!), I finally settled on a burger. If you care to know, here's what I went with, and it turned out to be quite tasty (it should have. God knows I had plenty of trial runs.):

(click to enlarge)


Brandon said...

build your burger in a bowl? where the hell did you eat?

Mi Thoughts said...

It's a chain that began in southern California...I think. It's good food.

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