Dec 17, 2008


I like to visit my parents from time to time and "shop." Here's a few things I snagged on my weekend visit over there. They get to see me and I get some free stuff. It's a win-win.


Anonymous said...

gosh you're so lucky that you can substitute a trip to rite aid with your parent's house! but even if my parents did live closer, instead of a reem of printer paper or an extra stick of deodorant it would be more like a gallon tub of mayo and a case of 5,000 zip lock baggies (they're the biggest costco whores in the world)

Anonymous said...

sometimes i wonder if you think all anonymous comments are mine... even when they are as boring as the one above... jesus christ, i couldn't even get passed the tenth or eleventh word i was so bored...

MissModern said...

i do that at my parent's house too... it rocks.

i need to go over there and get toilet paper sometime soon..

and they feed me when i'm there too :)

free food is great, especially when it's already cooked

Anonymous said...

i think you should treat your devoted readers with a little more respect

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