Dec 29, 2008


Blogging is cathartic, and educational. Taking fingers to keypad and jotting down my thoughts is fun, but even more fun is discovering where those thoughts are being read. This blog has become a a digital UN meeting. I've been hit from a variety of countries including France, Germany, Spain, India, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, Iceland, Belgium, Sweden, Hong Kong, and Estonia.


Before today, I had heard of the place, but would never be able to locate it on a map. I wouldn't even hazard a guess (Ok, one guess. Africa? I'm quite ignorant about some things). Today, however, ask me what you want about Estonia, because I've done my research. That's the beauty of blogging, it makes you give a damn about other places. If someone is nice enough to read my blog, the least I can know is Estonian is a language.

Kids in classrooms should be encouraged to blog. It might really help spur their interest in learning. Then again, it might prove to be another homework distraction. I don't know. I just come up with the ideas; someone else can go test them out.


Jason said...

I could've told you that it was one of the Baltic states during the days of the USSR. It next to Latvia, which is in turn next to Lithuania. The capitol of Estonia is Tallinn, which is known for it's old city which rivals Prague, yet is so much less crowded. They also have a great night scene...or so I've heard.

Mi Thoughts said...

It seems so many of your comments should simply read, "I'm very smart, and here is why."

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