Dec 22, 2008


I ordered a Portabella Mushroom Sandwich today, and realized mushrooms creep me out.

I can tolerate the small mushrooms, because small ones, ones you can down in one bite, don't have a chance to stare at you. Big ones, however, eye you after you take a bite, as if to say, "what the hell do you think you're doing?" They seem more alive then the sliced tomato, or lettuce garnish, and if they could emote they'd plead for their life. I felt a twinge of guilt putting the portabella through pain.

At least with meat I know the animal is dead, cut up and grilled. Plants, though, could have just been picked. As far as the plant knows it's still alive. I'm ingesting something that's still going about it's daily business! That's like biting the head off a baby calf as it's nursing!

I can never be a vegetarian. Plants seem more alive then meat.


angelap said...

you know recently i sat through a Grand Rounds at Sanford Medical Center (cause i'm almost a doctor), the subject was "giant bleeding ulcer" (and yes that is the actual medical term) - anyhow, your lunch/dinner reminded me of this...

Mi Thoughts said...

That's one of the reasons I never slept with're not a doctor. :)

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